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The Rain

When the raindrops touch him, mutant Reinhardt’s enhanced strength and awareness pulse through his green-glowing veins. Using his superhuman abilities, the mysterious vigilante stalks those who have corrupted his city. But when his activities attract the attention of a demented genius, Reinhardt is forced to mount an attack… or become the hunted.

Can Reinhardt save the city before the psychotic mastermind lines the streets with carnage? The Rain is the first book in the eerie The Mutant Rain dystopian science fiction series. If you like nail-biting tension, an epic cast of characters, and dispensing gory vengeance, you’ll love L.A. Frederick’s supercharged story.

“The writing is fantastic with a menacing tone and moody atmosphere that would be on par with any classic Gothic horror story.” – Amazon Reviewer

Star Wolf

Something ancient, before the time of Wolf and Tiger, has awoken in the infinite abyss of space. Five planets, and their entire species, are dead, nothing more than dust and ruin. Some say that the mythical Space Krakens have returned, after countless millennia in hibernation.

The Winter Tiger has offered the Tiger’s expertise to deal with the threat. Star Wolf, the Wolf leader in waiting, cannot fathom how he is the only one who can see the Winter Tiger as false.

And so, Star Wolf must follow, for his sanity, and perhaps the safety of the entire galaxy. The fate of every species touched by the Universal Beacon rests in one young Wolf’s paws.

“There is an epic backdrop to a very character-driven story. I love the descriptions and the mythology behind each race. L.A. has created a rich history to mine with this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Bring on the war!” – Paduano regarding Star Wolf