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Thanks For Stopping By

So, I’ve nearly completed the main course components of the Amazon Ads via The Author Ad School run by Bryan Cohen. I enjoyed the course and have learnt a great deal about Amazon Ads. 

There is now a process of reviewing three months’ worth of data and establishing which ads to keep and which ads to bin off. I’ve picked up huge impressions, which is a start and have continued to see some sales. I will need to ramp things up in 2023. That will be an ongoing process.

Now, other positive news, drum roll, I’ve started writing a new project! I’ve got a rough outline (I don’t outline too heavily as I find it stunts the character’s growth) and am over 6,000 words into the story. There are two main characters, and I’m excited by the arcs they can take in the face of some pretty insurmountable odds. So, yeah, that’s on the agenda to finish in early 2023 and hopefully launch by Easter. 

In between completing that novel (which I believe will be a standalone story), I’ll be cracking on with my other course that I’m dragging back out from the dusty digital shelf from whence it snuck.

I’ve got to focus 2023 on learning more about book marketing, newsletters etc.

The goal is this for 2023:

  • Launch two novels – One by Easter and the other by November
  • Complete marketing course – By summer, the absolute latest
  • Grow the mailing list – prune my list and do a better job looking after my subscribers with consistent content and updates
  • Regular blog posts – 20 for the year
  • Read 100 books 
  • Watch 50 new films 

Here I am, setting down the challenge for 2023. Bring it on!